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Privacy has become an issue with the increased collecting and sharing of data collected by devices, applications, businesses and government. Think of privacy as the individual’s right to choose how personal data regarding their finances, healthcare, government records, etc. is used and shared with others. Many governments have adopted strict standards for data sharing and consent.
The basics for Privacy programs are pretty much the same: Providing notice to individuals on how collected data will be used; limiting collection of data to what is relevant and for the stated purpose; allowing the individual to choose how data is shared; keeping personal data secure; protecting the integrity of data and allowing for a mechanism to correct errant data.
It is extremely important for any business to understand the Data Life Cycle within their organization. For instance, how data is collected, used, disclosed, stored and destroyed as it proceeds though processing in a business. It is important to be accountable and document the administrative, physical and technical safeguards that protect the data as it is processed.
The Privacy Officer’s job within a business or practice varies. In general, it is the Privacy Officers duty to ensure that the entity complies with privacy and data protection regulations. We offer Privacy Officer on demand services to companies on a contract basis to augment their internal staff.

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Information Privacy and Security Compliance Services
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