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Since 2001

Healthcare Compliance Services

The one constant in healthcare is that it is always changing. The growing number of regulations and oversight requiring complex and individualized compliance solutions have left most people in healthcare wondering where to begin. Deadlines, fines, audits, reporting requirements, attestations, self monitoring, documentation and the unknown have created an almost impossible situation.

It is no longer prudent to just have a manual on the shelf. Organizations must now monitor their own compliance and be able to prove that they are following the processes and procedures outlined in their manuals.

Compliance + has been developing customized compliance solutions for the Healthcare industry since 2001.

Proper documentation is key. Are your employees trained on your policies and procedures?

Know your Policies

How do you collect, use, share and store Personally Identifiable Information?

Know your Business

Your risks may differ from other companies. Define yours. Conduct a Risk Assessment

Know your Risks

Compliance is a Process

A client comments:

Thank you for giving the presentation!  I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all who attended. 

KH, Physician Relations Manager, Large Hospital Network