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Information Privacy and Security Compliance Services
Maintaining the Privacy and Security of information is one of the most important challenges faced by companies today. There are many regulations both global and in the US, that require companies to protect the data that they create, use, transmit or hold. These regulations often require the companies to audit and to maintain evidence of their compliance efforts for many years. The regulations can be confusing and the requirements unclear; even so, the burden of compliance remains with the company.

Since 2001, Compliance + has been developing customized compliance solutions for a variety of businesses. Many have been focused in health care as healthcare providers, healthcare application and software developers, medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies. HIPAA compliance for these entities is an ongoing process that must be managed to provide protection for both the entity and the patients they serve.
Compliance + provides full compliance programs or individual services such as audit preparation, breach response and notification, risk analysis and customized documentation development.
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